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Tax Incentive

Faced with an increasingly competitive market states created through financial incentives tricks to increase commercial spin through imports , reducing the tax burden imposed , enabling the formation and growth of fixed capital to be invested in productive projects in their states .

+ PRODERO : Created by law in 1473 , the PRODERO is a credit incentives designed to increase the payment of ICMS for the RO state, promoting greater socioeconomic development of the region.
See the benefits of a transaction via PRODERO :

* Incidence of ICMS tax rate of 4 % ( interstate ) in the nationalization of the goods ( the DI register)
* Reducing the Tax Burden PIS / COFINS and IPI on imports , since the reduced rate of VAT to 4% , it automatically reduces the cost of these taxes.
* Choose the Port and Airport for clearance of imports .
* Reduced time and cost overruns on imports of clearances .